Liberation EP


1. The Glorious Liberation
2. Seed of Oblivion
3. The Human Arts
4. Ad Astra
5. Into the Heart of Emptiness

Patrick Marauska – vocals
Christian Kupczyk – guitars, orchestral & choral arrangements
Niklas Hoffer – guitars
Dirk Kühner-Zelmer – bass
Carsten Schumacher – drums

all songs & lyrics written by Christian Kupczyk
interpretated & perfected by Aeonyzhar
guitar solo on The Human Arts written by Niklas Hoffer
choir performance on Seed of Oblivion by 4-lagig
all clean guest vocals written & performed by Mathias Riediger

all instrumental & choir performances recorded by Aeonyzhar @ Secret Rehearsal & Arctic Living Room Studios / Hannover
vocals recorded by Mathias Riediger & Henna Deutsch @ Hunting Ground Studios / Hannover
orchestral sample engineering by Dennis Bäsecke
mixed & produced by the almighty Mathias Riediger
bandphotos by Bettina Blumenberg
bandlogo & cover design by Christian Kupczyk

Ad Astra was written in memory of Sebastian Clemens

Ascension  EP


1. Pandemia – Goddess Of Pestilence
2. Death In Your Arms
3. Palace Of Memories

recorded and released 2008

Patrick Marauska – Vocals
Christian Kupczyk – guitars, orchestral arrangements
Dirk Kühner-Zelmer – Bass
Carsten Schumacher – drums

Niklas Hoffer – live guitars

music & lyrics by Christian Kupczyk
recording & engineeering by Christian Kupczyk, Carsten Schumacher, Discordius (Helrunar)
mixed  & mastered by Mathias Riediger (Parity Boot)